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Pedophilia and Spousal Abuse in the Jewish Community

Pedophilia and Spousal Abuse within the Jewish Community are well kept secrets.

When victims go to their Rabbis, Jewish Community Service Organizations and Jewish leaders for help, and both financial and emotional support, they are discounted, shunned and turned away.

If you are the victim of Pedophilia or Spousal abuse by a Jewish Community Leader and you disclose, be prepared to face the reality that that position and power within the Jewish Community always wins over integrity and the safety of a child and abused spouse.

If you disclose within your family in an attempt to stop the cycle, you are more likely than not to be discounted, shunned, disowned and made the family scapegoat. Family members will do anything to discredit you rather than address the issue and stop the cycle.

As a victim of pedophilia by my Jewish father, who was sent to his bed by my Jewish mother, I disclosed in an attempt to stop the cycle and save other little girls from being molested. My disclosure resulted in total alienation by my extended family. I have been made the scapegoat and treated as I were less than dirt under their feet.

Rabbis and Jewish Organizations treat my abusers like gold because they make large donations and support Jewish causes. Money and support of the Jewish Community is more important to the Jewish Community than the safety of children and abused spouses.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area you probably know my parents and my siblings. You likely think they are wonderful people who support all Jewish causes. You likely give them hugs and kisses when you see them at Synagogue and Jewish related activates and causes. What you don't know is that my father is a pedophile; my mother enabled him by sending me and other little girls to his bed, and my siblings continued to allow their daughters and granddaughters unsupervised overnight visits with my parents.

It is time pedophilia and spousal abuse be exposed and stopped in the Jewish Community even though our Rabbis, Jewish Community Service Organizations and Jewish leaders refuse to address these serious, life long damaging issues.

If you would like to share your story, please contact me. You do not need to disclose your name, but I would like to know what city and state you live in.

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